Wounded Warrior Project – Nick Bennett

Wounded Warrior Project Nick Bennett 

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“I laugh when people say we’re not at war anymore in Iraq,” Nick says. “I live in Iraq every day of my life. The war is not over for a lot of us.”

Nick Bennett was haunted for years by the rocket that nearly killed him in Iraq. It chased him down the highway in Indianapolis, where he ran another driver off the road to escape its path. He saw it blowing up houses on a quiet neighborhood street. Again and again it exploded in his mind.

The rocket blast came two months into his deployment in Mahmoudiyah, Iraq, when he was working security detail in front of the compound. It took 26 surgeries to repair his hands and legs and almost cost his life. But the blast was just as devastating to his mind.

When he returned home to Indianapolis, his marriage of 16 years fell apart. After seeing such sacrifice in Iraq, hearing his kids groan about taking out the trash or doing laundry would throw him into a rage. Nick knew he needed help and someone who understood what he’d been through. He was introduced to Wounded Warrior Project and a new world of support from other warriors. From University of Notre Dame football games to fishing in Lake Michigan, each trip was an opportunity to share stories and open up about his experiences.

As Nick learned to deal with PTSD, his family relationships grew stronger as well. He remarried in 2008 and began working to help other veterans dealing with similar struggles.

All of this has led to a Nick who is still haunted by Iraq, but in control of his life. “You’re a bigger man when you say ‘Hey, I have a problem and I need help,’” Nick says. “That’s a hard thing to do, but you got to do it.”


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We are now donating a portion of every closing commission to WWP. Your referrals and business help those who have given their all to our country.

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