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Wounded Warrior Project John Rego

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(We are now donating a portion of every closing commission to Wounded Warrior Project. Your referrals and business help those who have given their all to our country.)

John Rego compares leaving the Army to a dog let off his leash. With no master to tell him where to be and no plans for life after service, John took off running straight into impulsive choices and bad decision.

While on deployment to Iraq in 2003 John and his fellow soldiers were searching a building when it collapsed. Roofing and a steel I-beam cross-section crushed his body, leaving him with damage to his right arm, pelvis, ribs, stomach, bladder, and intestines.

John spent about a week in a coma, then another two months in the hospital. While his body continued to heal, his mind struggled. As the only person seriously injured in the accident, John felt guilty for leaving his friends to finish the mission without him. He began to long for military life. John’s frustrations manifested as weight gain. He was letting his injury define his life, and it had started to cause damage beyond just his physical body.

“I always looked at myself as an injured vet. I thought there was no way I’d ever be as good as I was. I thought because I was hurt, I couldn’t go out and get active again,” John says. That changed when John was contacted by a regional health and wellness coordinator for Wounded Warrior Project, who convinced John to take part in an Under Armour workout in Baltimore.  John was impressed by the way each workout was designed to accommodate a warrior’s injuries.  John was hooked. Soon, he was competing in a Tough Mudder and exercising six days a week.  He learned to work the muscles around his injured areas in order to strengthen, but not stress, the places he was the weakest. For John, that meant plank exercises instead of situps or crunches, so that his stomach and intestines were not harmed.

In addition to strength training, a Wounded Warrior Project wellness class taught John to rely on healthy, all-natural ingredients, instead of processed food. John stepped into a positive cycle: the more weight he lost the better he felt about himself, which inspired him to push even harder.

“I want to make sure I’m healthy so I can be around for my son. Everything I do now is focused on creating a better life for him,” John says.

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