The Rigley Realty Group – Team Approach

At the Rigley Realty Group you can rest assured that your best interests are always first and foremost. As one of the areas Top Producing Teams we  offer services the individual agent cannot with our proven Team Approach.Much like building a house the duties of a Realtor can be performed by one person or even a couple of people but to truly build a spectacular home a team of specialists is required. Each doing the job they are best trained for lead by a highly qualified general contractor. With the Rigley Realty Group we offer you a high energy team of highly trained individuals, each working in the area they specialize in, to assure your experience is as special as it should be. Our Team consists of:

•Listing Department
–Maintains your listing to ensure it gets maximum exposure to all interested buyers
–Sends weekly updates as to the number of showings and buyer / agent interest
–Team courier to maintain flyers, post & 800 line signs

•Team Buyers Specialist
–Work exclusively with buyers
–Follows up on over 300 unique leads every month, matching buyers with sellers

•Dedicated Escrow Closing Department
–Keeps your transaction on schedule.

•Administrative Support
–Keeps you informed throughout the transaction. No wondering how the process is going.

•Leadership and Management
–Much like the general contractor, the leadership at the Rigley Realty Group is committed to helping you sell your home for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of hassles. You have our word on it!

Trusted Experience that can only be gained through helping over 1,000 families in the Sacramento region buy or sell their homes. In today’s market, it is exactly that experience that can be the difference of getting your home sold or not.