The Factors of A Successful Sale

A number of factors will influence the sale of your home. Some of them, such as terms and price you can control. The location of your home and the state of the market you cannot control. It is important to identify the main factors that will affect the sale, determine to what extent you can influence them and concentrate our efforts on those you can influence, making sure they work in  our favor.

Five of the most critical factors in successfully marketing your home are:

1. Flexibility and Terms – Most everything involved in buying or selling a home is negotiable. It is important to remember that the more flexible you are, the better chance you have of selling your home

2. Location – Location cannot be changed, but it can be enhanced by proper staging and “curb appeal”

3. Appeal – How well you maintain your home while it is on the market is as important as how well you initially prepare your home for sale. You only get one chance to make a first impression

4. Price – It is important to “right price” your home from the beginning. Over pricing can lead to excessive days on market or discourage prospective buyers from looking. Under pricing leaves your hard earned equity “on the table”

5. Exposure – Before you can sell your home, someone has to know it is for sale – seems simple enough, but without proper marketing, even below market price homes will linger. Our marketing program will insure your home receives the right exposure to prospective buyers

The only factor listed above that you cannot influence is location. All the others are all well within your control, however, it will take careful planning to ensure that these work FOR you and not AGAINST you. Our job is to help you get all these factors working in your favor.

We do this with a wide variety of tools and expertise. We have run a complete computer analysis (included in this presentation) of your home compared to others of similar size, amenities, age, location and recent asking / selling price, giving you my professional opinion on what the best selling price for your home will be.